My first print project ever – a student’s newspaper. Rewarded as Berlin’s Best Student’s Newspaper 2008 in a competition by the newspaper Berliner Morgenpost and the organisation Junge Presse Berlin. 400 copies, 32 pages. Every now and then. 50 cents. Chief editor

The city magazine Zitty says: »The student’s newspaper ›dürer!‹ is one of the funniest in whole Berlin«, and the Berliner Morgenpost sums it up: »Unerring and full of satire comes the all-new ›dürer!‹. The publication of the Albrecht-Dürer-Gymnasium in Berlin Neukölln is already 30 years old, but one year ago it was relaunched to change tracks for a fresher, younger and more critical approach. And it worked out.«

Tear Sheets

Erschienen in Projekte am 19. June 2006.

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