Florian Siebeck

31 year old journalist, photographer and publisher.

I published two magazines, one book and a bookazine—plus about one million characters of text in other media. I was raised in Berlin and since then have seen almost 100 countries. For my dissertation I have asked 150 editorial teams if they use editorial wikis within the production process. I get frequently asked if I have my hair dyed black. I haven’t. I like to go swimming wherever I am. In March 2010 in the Irish Sea, for example, or in Neva river in Saint Petersburg. I spent 1700 hours of my life in aircrafts. In 2009 I have worked for the China International Publishing Group in Beijing. I also played in an ad that was aired on Chinese national television CCTV. By the way, I created the German Wikipedia article for »YouTube«. When I was a child I wanted to become gardener. My favorite character is the diaeresis, which brings us beautiful words like »preëlection«.

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